An Old Christian in Oman

27 January, 2018

This interview was conducted recently for a very good Munster rugby blog called West Terrace Blog that can be found here. It is always worth a read before after or even during Munster games. Gayl, originally from Thurles and now living in Dublin manages to catch the view from the Terrace. She occasionally runs Q&A with fellow supporters. She can also be found on twitter @WTview

Recently she interviewed Luke O'Mahony from Oman but originally from Old Youghal Road who played underage in Old Christians. He is on twitter as @Skywalkerchief.

A link to the full interview can be found below.








Luke still turns out in the Middle East and has been known to play rugby internationally even, and when home will always try to get to a game or two.

"So I am a 37 yr old father of 2 who has spent most of my life living outside of Ireland. I spent most of my childhood in Holland, in my late teens and twenties I travelled with work throughout Europe and for the last 5 years I have been working in what we call the Sand pit (better known as the Middle East) Bahrain for 2 years, Qatar for 1 and now the amazingly beautiful Oman. This has obviously hindered my direct involvement as a Munster supporter however I had enough exposure in my little time at home during my late teens to “catch the bug” so to speak. I played youths rugby for Old Christians in Rathcooney, Cork (on the same team as ex Munster no.8 James Coughlan) and grew my love for the game there and in turn my love for Munster and Irish rugby in general."


Full interview is here and thank you Gayl for permission to reprint.

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