The Green Green Grass of Home

16 September, 2017

As someone who can remember washing the after-match mud off in a nearby river,

(Kanturk?),  while the rats frolicked on the river bank, you have to think fellows and

girls have it soft  these days, with their spacious sports

halls and All Weather surfaces.

(Both are for hire by the way).

 For anyone who has not been in Rathcooney for a while, just inside the gate on the left is the new facility.

All Weather pitch location.

Entrance, note where your Lotto money went.

A side view.

An over view. (Someone has a new toy).

The actual surface of the new pitch.


The President of the Munster Branch, Charlie Buckley will perform the official opening.

Charlie was the man behind the setting up of the under-age section of Old Christians in the 70's,  see here.


Charlie, seated, centre wearing the club colours back in the day.


Lán Chúl

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