Paul McGrath thinks he's found Hotshot's double.

20 June, 2017


Paul Mc Grath thinks we have another double. Below is the lead singer from Tears for Fears and yes there is a likeness with a Young Hotshot.

Getting a picture of a "Young" Hotshot, really tested my filing system, but we came up with this.

Young Hotshot is on the far right. There is a resemblence as long as Hotshot does not try to sing.

For the record left to right, Denis Healy, One of the Kellehers, Ollie O'Neill, Bengy Deane,  Puppy Purcell, Mattie Marnell, Colm ONeill and Hotshot.



Shane Barry                                             Deco Bishop from Fair City.

Rob reckons they might be twins.


Phil O'Connell                                                          and Des Bishop

Two Comedians ???




Always thought these players looked alike.

Soccer international John Walters


and our own Rob. 




      Paddy Jackson                                         Our Mattie, (forget the age/fitness difference)


Mike McCarthy Irl/Connaught/Leinster          Peter Twomey/ Rathcooney.

Craig O'Connell sent this one and it's the best yet.

That one is scary.

Anyone got anymore suggestions?

Lán Chúl



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