14 - 9
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Date Time Season Full Time
24th November 2019 2:30 pm 2019/2020 80'




Old Christians 14 Kanturk 9

It’s probably fair to say that we were the better team here today, but we struggled to put the visitors away.
The pitch was soft, the ball was slippery and Kanturk had the use of a cold wind in the first half.
Most of the first half was played in the middle third of the pitch, as we cut down the Kanturk runners, but struggled to make much headway ourselves.
One early move, saw Eddie bundled into touch at the corner flag, as both teams found the conditions difficult to master.
We did concede a few penalties and the Kanturk kicked scored on 15 and 20 minutes, the second kick being from 5 meters inside his own half.
We dominated the scrum, but again could not turn the advantage into points.
We trailed by 6pts. to nil at the break, but eleven minutes into the second half, we struck from a scrum. Alan O’Connell broke, John Marnell carried it on, before feeding Craig O’Connell, who crashed over.
John Marnell added the points, to leave us 7points to 6 ahead.
We were getting on top now, turning over the visitors possesion on a number of occasions.
Five minutes later came our second try.

A fine carry from the impressive Daniel O’ Mahony, paved the way for Laz to touch down.
John again added the points.
It looked game done and dusted at this stage, but a late Kanturk penalty took the score to 14 points to 9 and a one score game caused a bit of nervousness among the supporters, but we saw the game out.
Not a game that will live long in the memory, but no one was bothered by that.
The game was sponsored by Murphy’s Rock bar and restaurent and the players and fans retired there after the final whistle.

Some match pictures.

Plenty support here.

Cian wins the lineout.

Craig makes his tackle.

Spreading out in defence.

Jackle time, we won a number of turn over today.

Jimmy breaks.

John gathers.

Try time.

Laz feeds the second line.

Laz, buried underneath the tacklers, scores the second try.

Setting the ruck.

Nibbler to John and away as Pump takes a break.

Sam delivers from the line out.

Alan heads into the gathering gloom.



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J114Loss, Win
Kanturk9Loss, Win