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17th April 2019 7:30 pm 80'




It’s a strange feeling to go home, having played the joint All-Ireland Champions and to be disappointed to have lost.

On territory and possession, we dominated most of the game, but still came away with nothing.

On four minutes, Tim Hegarty had a penalty and ten minutes later, a powerful James Clifford run, led to another Hegarty strike.

There was only one team in it at this stage but on the fifteen minute mark disaster struck.

Attempting to play rugby in our own twenty two a pass went to ground. It was not knocked on, and we recovered possession.

Rule one in rugby, when something like this happens, you get the ball into touch and reset.

However, we attempted to run again, gave up a cheap penalty and as we looked on, Skibb took a quick tap and scored unopposed far out.

They are not All Ireland champions for nothing.

We got back on top again, with Jack Burke making some great carries, but even now, we were tending to drive where Skibb were strongest.

Our scrum was on top, but with the two meter rule, we could not make use of our advantage.

We then lost hooker Jake Overbury to a leg injury and with Danial unable to play following an injury in last week’s cup win, we were a bit short in the pack.

Tim added a further penalty before the break, so we turned around 9 points to 5 ahead.

The second half started with a couple of overthown line outs, (why not go short and safe), and from one of these the West Cork side broke away for a try that saw them lead for the first time at 12 points to 9.

We still had plenty of possession and territory, but became more and more predictable.

With 25 minutes gone, a Skibb player was clearly in touch, but no flag went up and we lost concentration and Skibb hared a way for another try.

A final score for the West Cork lads, gave them  a victory by 26 points to 9.

A strange game, to dominate the Champions and still lose.

The phrase “heads up rugby” is often used nowadays, but too often, we went to where Skibb were strongest, and they had a great defence.

Still a great season, a trophy in the cabinet and with a bit more of “playing what’s in front of you”, these lads could go far.

Some match pics.

Charlie gets them going.

Clean take.

The ever reliable James charges from a lineout.

We dominated the scrums, but the two meter rule meant we could not gain from it.

A bit static.

Tidying up a kick off.

One of three successful kicks from Tim.

Getting to the ruck.

Winding up for a long pass.



Lán Chúl


Boys U18.59Loss, Win
Skibbereen26Loss, Win

Boys U18.5