40 - 24
Full Time


Date Time League Season Full Time
2nd February 2020 1:00 pm Boys Under 18.5 2019/2020 80'




Cashel/Fethard v Under 18’s.

We headed off on Sunday morning to face the fellow unbeaten team in our group. We got onto the score board early with a converted pentalty expertly kicked by Rob minutes later Connor Higgins crashed over the line for a try which was disallowed for a forward pass just before Conors dive. However the boys kept up the pressure and Harry Coughlan got over the line for the try bringing the score to Cashel/Fethard 0 – 8. Cashel didn’t stay dormant for long and answered back with a converted try and so the game continued with tit for tat scores. Akrum scored a try and they answered back with a penalty bringing the half time score to 10 – 13.

The second half started with a shower of rain and a converted try for the home side giving them the lead. Old Chrisitians finally got back scoring with a try by Dave O’Connell. That was answered by the home side scoring another converted try. Stretching their lead for the first time to 24 points to our 18 points. Dave got over again for another try this one was converted by Rob giving us a one point lead. Rob McKenna then got over for a lead stretching score and with another penalty kick and a final try scored by Jack bringing our full time score Cashel/Fethard 24 – 40 Old Christians with this win we are now through to the quarter final of the bowl. They won 5 games from 5 and we are all very proud of them. The couple of easy game was evident in the start of their performance but they rallied and won the day. Onwards to the Quarter Finals on 22nd Feb against Dolphin.

Our Line out performed well all day
Rob pops the ball away under presssure
Oscar getting tackled
our second disallowed try
Smile says it all Harry gets in the corner
Conor Drummy making a nuisance of himself in the rucks, turning over ball


Rob pops the ball away one handed again to Akram
Dave goes for the line
Oscar drawing in two tacklers
Jack gets over the line

Rest of the photos up online now


Boys U18.540Loss, Win
Cashel/Fethard24Loss, Win

Boys U18.5