Chairman of the Rugby Committee

Brian Brennan takes over as Chairman of the Rugby Committee for this season and will bring his many years of experience to the job.

Transfer Procedures

If a player wishes to transfer between clubs then the following procedure must be adhered to:

An Irish Rugby Football Union Inter-Club Transfer Form must be filled out as follows:

PART 1. NOTICE OF INTENTION TO CHANGE CLUB must be signed by both the player and the club where the player is currently registered


This form must then be sent to the club the player wishes to join and must be signed by the Club Secretary

and then sent on to the appropriate IRFU Branch (in our case the Munster Branch offices in Limerick)

In the meantime the Club Registrar of the club requesting the transfer must put up a formal request on the IRFU Player Registration Database. To do this the Registrar needs to know the player’s registration number and the name of the club from whence the player is coming.

When all these are in place then the Branch will release the player to his new club.


Player Application Form available from Hon. Sec.

Coach contacts:

Under 20: Mattie Marnell 087-4115229

Juniors: Ken O’Connell 086-8157577