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As you may be aware, Munster has commenced their #MoveWithMunster campaign recently with lunchtime live workouts, hosted by one of our CCRO’s, Dan O’ Sullivan. We have 2 sessions done and we are absolutely delighted with the reaction (over 16,000 views). Dan brings a very authentic style to his 20minute workouts and will continue on Tuesdays and Thursdays on the MRSC Facebook page at 1.15pm.

To see the comments flow in from different participants naming their clubs and schools has been really pleasing. Dan does his best to give a shout-out to all who comment and where they are from, even those who have logged-on from Zurich, Tenerife and the US!

Also, this week we are promoting Fun movements for our mini players. Throughout this series we will have Munster senior men and women’s players demonstrate the movements, together with a home challenge from Rebecca O’ Reilly (CCRO S&C). Here are two sample videos with Jean Kleyn and Joey Carbery. We will be promoting 4 videos in total soon with more to come.

Jean Kleyn:

Joey Carbery:

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