Back to Rugby guidelines.

As we rapidly approach getting back to training we are really looking forward to see you all and to hear all the usual noises we have missed since March.

The most important thing to remember is that your child’s or your own subs are paid before September 5th go to our easy payment system if your child isn’t registered we will have to turn them away and no one wants to do that. We will not be having a registration day and no coach/manager is going to accept cash or paper registration. If you don’t want your child disappointed please register them ASAP.

Once your all registered and its back to training they’re new guidelines for what will be happening every training session its very important that you all follow these guidelines.

These guidelines were issued by IRFU and we are going to be implementing them.

  1. Children/Players need to turn up for training ready to train (no access to dressing rooms)
  2. Declaration form to be completed before training
  3. One way car system in operation (Stop, Drop and Go)
  4. Parents not permitted to stay and watch
  5. Arrive 15 minutes early before your session starts, parents of young players will be allowed to check in with the compliance officer once that’s done you’ll need to leave.
  6. Hand sanitizer will be provided and must be used before each training session and after each session. Once session is finished straight home no hanging around.
  7. Its very important that every player has their own bottle with their name on it, absolutely no sharing of bottles and we won’t have bottle available.
  8. Respiratory etiquette must be observed at all times, no clearing of nasal passages, no spitting, cough or sneeze into your elbow or a tissue.
  9. If anyone in the household is sick DO NOT COME TO TRAINING.
  10. Club house facilities are closed you will have access to the toilets, wash hand thoroughly after.

Please respect the rules and the compliance officers.

Thank you all and stay safe.

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