Watching New Zealanders train.

Not just on holiday, the club is never far from my mind. I watched a pre-season training session on Wednesday. Some people might be interested in same.

Boy was it hot.

I watched the Colt, (Under21), team from Marist Albion going through a session and it was a bit of an eye opener.

As far as I can figure out, their top team would third tier, (i.e. Junior), but they have another 6/7 teams including Ladies AND SOCIAL.

This was just a warm up session as the main work starts just after Christmas.

They began with a passing drill, (at a fierce pace), they then moved on to a short game of “Tip”, again the pace of this was scary.

The main part of the session then involved six “Stations”.


This involved, what I would call Yoga Balls, but deflated and filled with water.
They had to be lifted over the heads, the players then dropped to the ground and rolled over before getting back to their feet holding on to the waterbag at all times and repeat.

No. 2

Again I had not seen this one before. The teams had a pair of small wheels with an axel through them and the had to move forward, while rolling the wheels.


Making their way to station 3. This was a fairly straight lifting exercise, with repeated lifts of the weighted blue bags on the ground.


This involved push ups with the hands on light weights. After every push up, the right hand was lifted shoulder high followed by the left hand.


No pic here, but this involved the six foot tackle bags, lifted over the shoulder, then smashed into the ground and the player followed it to the ground.


This involved an inflated Yoga Ball, the players crawled forward with their hands, the kept the ball going with their legs.

The whole squad looked tremendously fit already, bar one new comer and it was amazing to see the support he got from his team mates as he struggled with some of the tasks.
There were words of encouragement, high fives and applause as he gamely finished his tasks.
(He was a prop).

No doubt he would have got the same encouragement in Rathcoony ??????

The Coach doing the “Stations” was the former National coach of Portugal as well as having coached Honda in Japan, and he reckoned the water bags used in station one weighed about 25 Kgs.

Over to you Sob.

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