Pictures from the sidelines.

Any win on the road is good, but we had a really good second half today.

Some pics from the sidelines, (those that we can publish).

Injured but Paul still made the game, he’s eating again.
Pressure on touch judge, a quick fag while the game goes on.
Expecting a drought.
Adrian regrets driving a couple of fans to the game.
Some of the supporters who travelled.

A word from Craig..


On behalf of the juniors I’d like to thank all the supporters who’s came to our matches so far this year .. yeve made a huge difference in what we do and hearing the Old Christians roar means so much to our juniors .. we hope this continues for the rest of the matches .. on behalf of the captain and the junior team let’s drive the boys on for the rest of the season .. our day will come .. Thanks Craig


Match report and pictures under “RESULTS”

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