Saturday Mornings & the Unsung Heroes.

Arriving in Rathcooney this morning, it looked like there was a score of bowls on. There were cars back up to the grave yard and down the narrow road to the pitches, (with some typical West Cork parking).

Business is booming at Mini level and on a morning like this, with Cashel visiting en mass and Cork Con at Under 12, there was not grass for a goat spare.

Add to this, the ladies were training, despite a number of their players, being at Munster Trials and to top it all off, there was a huge Majorette Competition in the hall.

Now the visitors have to be fed and watered and the crew handled the huge numbers with clockwork efficiency.

I know they are tend to call themselves “The Ladies Committee”, but I think that is selling themselves short.


With Shane Kavanagh, looking after the on field affairs Clair, Emily and crew handle everything else, and it works.


I’m slow to mention other names here, as I am sure to forget someone, but it was good to see somebody’s dad and somebody’s daughter giving a hand out this morning.

Plans are afoot to connect the large room, where the food is served to the Club Shop, thus avoiding having to use the balcony, and other things are on the adjenda.

I know they never look for thanks or praise, but I feel the Saturday morning work should be recognised.

Below are a couple of pictures, to show the size of the crowd that were managed this morning.

Ná leaga Dia an obair.

Dave Philpott


First time ever, I wished there was a President’s parking place.
The finest piece of grass in the whole club.
The All-Weather pitch was fully used.
Some strange goings on here.
Line up.
Loose ball.
Try coming.
Warming up.

One way to clean your boots.
Plans are afoot to connect this room directly to the Club Shop.

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