Fancy being a ref ?

I would also like to stress that if we don’t have an affiliate referee then opposition is entitled to produce theirs for our home games.

Aidan Cleary writes,

There are 2 Affiliate Referees Courses scheduled for September 2019 as below:

  • Wednesday 11 Sep – Irish Independent Park – 7pm to 9pm
  • Thursday 12 Sep – UL High Performance Centre – 7pm to 9pm

For details of these courses, and for registration, please go to the Munster Rugby Website→ Domestic Game→ Referees→ Club & School Affiliate Referees Courses and follow the instructions. You will need to complete and upload the World Rugby Concussion and Laws Certs prior to attending the course. You can also register by following the link below:

Please forward to members of your club who may be interested in becoming Affiliate Referees.

All the best,


All the Best,


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