Tidying Up.

Shortly, Hilary will be taking over as P.R.O. as I take a break in an honoury role, (well there was no one else old enough to be President.)

Having done 10 of the last 13 years in that role, I have a huge archive of material and we might dip into that a bit more to fill the Summer season.

I would like to thank the people who regularly sent me pictures and reports etc., and hope you will continue to do same next year. Indeed it might be an idea to have a “mini pro” with each team, that might feed the info to Hilary.

In the meantime, here are some more Pictures from the archives.

No wonder Noel emigrated.
Why does famed Munster hard man, “The Claw”, look so nervous?
Willy shaking hands BEFORE the final whistle.
Any thing to make a bob.

You may remember a short time ago, when I congratulated, Dave O’Connell on winning the Div 2A AIL “Rising Star” award and also mentioning Rory Burke’s transfer to Connaught.

Well the two lads played under age with Old Christians and on our You tube

Channel is a short video clip of the Lads in action. Rory, although always destined for the front row, is playing no. 10/12, (he had very enlightened coaches). Rory is in the grey shorts and was very fond of kicking.

Dave is in the pack “Jumping” at two. Rory’s Dad, Paul is reffing and Dave’s Dad, our esteemed Sec., Adrian, is on the line.

Here’s the link.

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