End of Season Day in the Sunshine.

Apart from the A.G.M.,

(set for 23/5/19 at 8 in Clubhouse. Nominations and motions to Hon.Sec by Thurs 16/May),

this was the last event of the season.

There was great fun for all and a “Big Match” to finish it all.

Any comparisons to Rugby were purely coincidental, as pasty looking bodies took to the field. The effort was there but…………….

Some pictures from the day as sent on by Paul McGrath.

Looks like someone got a puncture.

Look at the follow through.

Hard boiled, (I mean the Coach not the eggs).

I have no idea.


Looks like fun.

Somebody is not impressed by team talk.

Ten out of ten for “Artistic Impression”.

All together now, “AAAHHH”.
There are no muscles to stretch Lads.


Looking for a gap.

A look of terror on Shane’s face as he receives a pass.

Slight interference ?

“Please don’t let me drop it”.

Heading for the line.

Bound to be dropped.

The Old Dog for the hard road.

Let him go.

Seems to be going backwards.

Somebody, (who shall be nameless, but wearing pink), appears to be “slightly” offside.

And again, but it could be camera angle.

Paul tries an outside break, is he mad?

A scissors move or something.

Most of the “players” are in the photo, the rest are in the C.U.H.

On a more serious, note many thanks to all who helped make it a great day and a great season.

See you in September.

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