Mud, mud glorious mud,

Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood,

So ran the song from Flanders & Swann’s, (It’s actually called the Hippopotamus Song and probably 60/70 years old).

Your education is now complete, but the song came to mind when I got the pictures of the Under 12’s recent trip to Kerry.

Sean/Mossie Murnane take up the story.


On Sat Apr 6 the U12’s took to the road for an overnight stay in the Eclipse Adventure Centre in Kenmare, for end of season trip. 17 brave young souls and 15 thirsty adults left Glanmire, unaware of what was to lie ahead of them.
On arrival the group where divided into 2 teams and a strong emphasis on team work was put into place.The first task was Raft Building & Kayaking And a game of Django Ball! Like American football on water, but no rules. Both teams excelled at this and showed great teamwork and skill in completing the necessary tasks .

While this was taking place the adults who did not participate in the activity had the long weary trek to the local (POST OFFICE)😊😊. For some light refreshments and a few hotly contested games of killer, where the older lemons excelled, (a lot of miss-spent time in the 147, Tony and Shane).
That evening we settled down for the belly busting barbecue at the campfire, where there was no shortage of wood.
Thanks to Martin and the team for all there hard work in gathering the wood. With a big day ahead we all turned in early for a good nights sleep.

The next morning with the breakfast out of the way, the team was split into 2 groups and a few brave dads joined in, not fully aware of what lay ahead, (how tough could a mud run be !!!! )

First challenge was the orienteering and scavenger hunt which put them through their paces and tested their IQ’s

Next, was Irelands fittest club, an assault course which had 10 foot walls to be conquered, rope swings over water, hang from bars challenge, electrified fence to be negotiated and many tough challenges and again they worked together and thrived.

Last but not least was the mud run, a gruelling 2 km trek through some of the toughest terrain possible, (see pics below).
The resolve of the team and adults was severely tested, as the trek through the muck and ice cold water was unforgiving. However with an attitude of never give up and no man left behind, they stormed through the assault course and where mighty glad to be hitting the hot showers afterwards and home to bed.

All in all it was a great trip enjoyed by everyone and a big thank you to everyone that attended, a lot of great memories for everybody.

Down but not out.

How to stuff a somebody up a water pipe.

Helping the “adults” along.
Up and over.

Are we there yet ???

Team work.


Nearly there.

A bit like Rathcooney in the Winter.

Safe and dry AND CLEAN.

Two big questions remain:

Who was the coward, who stayed on the riverbank taking pictures ?


Who washed the clothes afterwards.

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